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Personalized service for private scuba excursions or certifications!

You can also schedule a dive with Barry by clicking on the link at the top of this page, "Dive with Barry". No experience required to participate in an Introductory Dive! I also offer guided dives, night dives and certification training.

Wonders of the deep!

Creatures large and small!

Beautiful colors abound!

A memorable experience!

Service with a smile, even underwater!


"You don’t won’t to mess this kind of experience with your instructor for the first time so Barry is THE ONE you need to see. My fiancé is an educator but she was impressed of how Barry addressed us to the deep ocean. My fiancé was actually slightly panicked when we first went down the ocean but Barry managed to make her calm. Which she calls it Barry Magic."

Minoru on AirBnB

Oh boy what a wonderful time we had. We went on a scooter ride for over 60mins we went out to a reef that was very active with fish even a shark. Barry made sure fun was had by all. He is a very patient man. I highly recommend Scuba Barry
Planning on it again.

Backstgirl1 on TripAdvisor

5-Star Service!