About Barry


Barry Lewis Fine Art Photography Headshot

  In 2016, I transitioned from a thirty-year career with the National Park Service, where I served as a Chief Park Ranger across ten national parks in seven diverse states, including iconic landscapes like Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Denali, and Haleakala on Maui. My journey from an emergency services supervisory park ranger to a devoted underwater photographer was fueled by a lifelong passion for the aquatic world. Having been an emergency medical care instructor, Swiftwater rescue instructor, and more, I found my extensive experience with dynamic and challenging environments to be a perfect foundation for underwater photography.

  The leap from supervising emergency services in national parks to exploring the submerged realms as an underwater photographer allowed me to blend my deep-seated reverence for nature with my creative vision. The underwater world, with its intricate ecosystems and mesmerizing beauty, became my studio. Each photograph is a call to witness the fragile beauty of aquatic environments, echoing my commitment to conservation and the protection of these precious ecosystems.

  As a father to three exceptional, independent children, who have each embraced the adventure of scuba diving, my personal life mirrors the patience, instruction, and guidance I apply in my photographic endeavors. Their journey into diving has only deepened my appreciation for the underwater world and reinforced my mission to use my photography to inspire a broader awareness and respect for our oceans. My goal as an underwater photographer is not just to document the unseen beauty of the deep but to ignite a passion in others to protect and cherish our planet’s aquatic treasures.


Email: info@scubabarry.com

Phone: 808-315-9332